In an effort to create a more collaborative use of the church facilities and avoid unnecessary scheduling conflicts, we have created an easy-to-use form for all event planning for St. Catherine’s. You may fill the form right here in the online system which submits your request directly to our Ministry Coordinator, Melinda Reckers.

In most cases, the form should have complete listings of the options (such as room, ministry name, etc.) but, if your needs are not present, simply use the alternate remarks areas to complete your request. As always, we invite your comments as we try to make our systems and processes work towards facilitating your efforts in supporting our church ministries and fellowship.   AFTER CLICKING SUBMIT – YOU WILL RECEIVE A “SUCCESSFULLY SUBMITTED” NOTICE

For Mission Outreaches, prior to submitting the Event Planner, please click on this Mission Request Form link to submit the information to the Mission Committee.  This will allow coordination of the many outreaches at St. Catherine’s. 

Event Planner

  • Start date and time of your event
  • :
  • Ending date and time of your event
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  • NOTE: Need 7 days notice for childcare providers