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Ms Janie

School Director

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School Director, Ms. Janie, whose full name is San Juanita Hernandez, is also a mother of 6 children, 4 of whom were adopted. Ms. Janie began her 30-year career with the Head Start Program before coming to join the St. Catherine’s team at its inception, 18 years ago.

In addition to the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential held by her and the majority of the staff at St. Catherine’s, Ms. Janie is also certified as an Administrator by the Texas Teacher Academy, L.L.C, and received a certificate in Child Development/Early Childhood Administration from Alvin Community College where she is pursuing her Associate. Ms. Janie also helps with the church’s nursery program on Sunday mornings.

Ms. Janie believes that love and laughter are essential ingredients to a child’s growth and she brings both of those in great measure to her role as School Director at St. Catherine’s.

Ms. Mary

“Bears” – 2 year olds 


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Ms. Mary has been in child development and education for 25 years and is beginning her 11th year with St. Catherine’s working with the “Bears”. Ms. Mary feels particularly blessed with this group because it offers her the chance to do what she does best, offer a nurturing heart to children when they first begin to venture out of their homes and begin sharing life with other kids in a structured environment.

Ms. Mary also works in the Extended Day Program at St. Catherine’s. When she is not in the St. Catherine’s classroom, you will also find Ms. Mary caring for Sunday service nursery and on special occasions when the church needs extra care for children. Ms. Mary is a also mother to two sons of her own. Beyond her nurturing heart, Ms. Mary has continued to build on her professional skills with these certifications: CDA; Helping Children Manage Fear; SIDS; Foundations for Your Preschooler and Safeguarding God’s Children. Ms. Mary sums up her experience with St. Catherine’s and the children in a single word. “Happy”

Ms. Debby

“Bears” – 2 year olds 


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Ms. Debby is also beginning her 11th year with St. Catherine’s working with the “Bears” and like her co-worker, Ms. Mary, brings a genuine care for this important transitional time in the life of those children charged to her care.

Ms. Debby also brings a host of professional certifications and training to her work: CDA; CPR Training, SIDS, Safeguarding God’s Children; Helping Children Manage Fear; Foundations For Your Preschooler and certification through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Ms. Debby also works in the Extended Day program. Prior to joining St. Catherine’s, Ms. Debby educated children from ages 3 to 13 using home-schooling curricula and taught Vacation Bible School for five years. Ms. Debby served as a deaconess for her own church and has raised one daughter who recently returned from college as a Summa Cum Laude graduate, the highest honors. Ms. Debby has also served as vice-president of a family business and is a co-sponsor of the Bay Area Volkswagen Club. She is an active member of the CCA and enjoys working with children, including those who are differently-abled, via organized “Kidsfish” events.


Ms. Paula

“Butterflies” – 3 year olds


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Paula Mercado, “Ms. Paula”, is a native Houstonian, married to her husband Rick for twenty years and the mother of Megan, 14, and Dylan, age 19. Because of her husband’s work, Ms. Paula and her family have had the experience of living in many places, from Houma, Louisiana and Hurricane, West Virginia to the far north of Newfoundland, Canada, where her daughter was born.After returning to the Houston area and settling in Sienna Plantation, Ms. Paula found her second calling in working with the “Butterflies”, a calling that allows her to continue to offer the kind of nurturing her now-older children need perhaps a bit less. She is currently pursuing her associate in Early Childhood Education and has already received her CDA.


Ms. Maggy

“Butterflies” – 3 year olds


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Magdalena Locklear, Ms. Maggy, brings a great deal of experience and cultural enrichment to her work with the Butterflies at St. Catherine’s. Originally from Mexico, Ms. Maggy did her degree work in Social Studies and taught in Mexican Middle Schools for fifteen years. She has worked at the First Colony Montessori and served as a Spanish Teacher for “The Spanish Lessons Company”, most recently sent to work in the weekly program at St. Laurence Catholic School.

Ms. Maggy is also a resident of Sienna Plantation. She has been married for 20 years and has a daughter named Dalena who is 13 years old and is a 7th grader at Baines Middle School.


Ms. Linda

“Mustangs” – 4 year olds


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Linda Penrice, Ms. Linda, saw early on that children, including her own daughter of four years, needed to see reassurance and care were available even outside the circle of protection they found with their parents and families at home. Preparing children to live safely and lovingly in the world has been a passion for Ms. Linda and she has done so for 42 years. She now has two grandchildren, ages 8 and 11. 

Ms. Linda is a native Houstonian, the child of Eddie and Cleo Davis from whom she learned what she holds as the anchor for being effective in this work:  “It’s not about how much you know. It’s about how much you care.”  Ms. Linda cares a great deal – and it shows.


Ms. Sandy

“Mustangs” – 4 year olds


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Sandy Martinez has spent Seven years with St. Catherine’s and is proud to call herself a “Mustang.” She takes great pride in watching the children grow more proficient and productive during their time at the school. Like many of the staff, Ms. Sandy also holds her CDA credential, also holding memberships in NAEYC (the National Association for Educating Young Children and the SECA (Southern Early Childhood Association). She continues to grow in the field of early childhood education through these associations and also through additional workshops, training and conferences.

Sandy was born and raised in Mexico and, after earning her Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Industrial Relations, she began working with the state government to assist people who were preparing to enter or re-enter the workforce. That experience, coupled with her own years as a mother of two children, Alex and Natalia, helps reinforce her belief in sound early education and a strong ethic towards preparing children to be successful in all of their life paths. Ms. Sandy appreciates (and lives by) these words from Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”   Along with her children and Ricardo, her husband of sixteen years, Ms. Sandy enjoys being a resident of Sienna Plantation.

Ms. Liz

“Explorers” – Bridge


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Elizabeth Gonzalez, Ms. Liz, has been with St. Catherine’s as an Explorers’ teacher for seven years. She holds her CDA Certification along with additional training, currently pursuing in a Childhood Development/ Early Childhood teacher certificate. Ms. Liz continues to refine her skills and comfort level in working with the children who come through St. Catherine’s.

Ms. Liz has held a passion for working with kids that has lasted over 20 years and shows no sign of changing. When she is not actively being mom to her own 3 children or working with the kids at St. Catherine’s, Ms. Liz enjoys focusing her free time on baseball and photography.


Ms. Bertha

“Explorers” – Bridge



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Berta Bastida or Ms. Bertha has 19 years’ experience; she has been at St. Catherine for 9 years. She has worked for Fort Bend ISD as extended day teacher, Religious Educator at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church.

Ms. Berta has CDA certification and is currently pursuing in a Childhood Development/ Early Childhood teacher certificate. Ms. Berta has a passion for teaching and children.