Welcome From Father Mike


Father Mike Collage

What a blessing that you found us!  Whether you were Googling “churches in Sienna Plantation”, “Episcopal Churches in Fort Bend County”, or maybe you just found us by accident…we’re glad you are here.  Our website will tell you quite a bit about us.  You can listen to sermons, browse a worship bulletin, or you can see the kinds of formation that we offer for our adults and for our youth.  If you see something that interests you here, or if you are just “plain curious”, then you should come by for a visit.  I can assure you that the worship experience in the Episcopal Church will enable you to encounter the Spirit of God.  You will meet some amazing people while you are here.  Yes, they will ask you if you are new, and they might hand you a bag full of information about our church.  They will ask you if you would like to stay after church for lunch, which we offer every Sunday after the 10:30 a.m. service.  They will want to get to know you; they do this for a reason.  Folks here know that God changes lives in this place.  They know that Jesus Christ is living and dwelling among the people here.  They know that transformation can happen here because it has happened to them.  We are serious about our growth and our walk with God.  We work very hard to live as Jesus Christ calls us to live not only within the walls of the church, but also in the lives that we live outside of the church.

We have a lot of fun along the way.  We have a Crawfish Festival, we turn our church into a dinner theater twice a year to see musicals written and directed by our director of music, we have “Girl’s Night Out” and “Couple’s Night Out”, as well as groups for our men, women, and for our “Empty Nesters”.  We also do something called the “Wine Study and Bible Tasting”, which is now being used by congregations across the country.  St. Catherine’s lives fully into its gift of hospitality.

So, I invite you to come.  Don’t worry, we won’t overwhelm you.  We won’t make you stand up in church and introduce yourselves (unless you really want to).  We WILL welcome you fully and we will make you feel right at home.

If you would like to see our monthly events, then please create an account by clicking on the link that you will see just to your left on the side menu.  If you would like to be on our email list to receive news, bible meditations, and weekly reminders then email me at fathermike23@gmail.com and we will add you to the list.

I look forward to meeting you.

Father Mike+