Why we do it . . .

You may be getting ready for school, sports, electives, and the holidays right now.  The last thing on your mind is Youth Group.  Am I right?  Well, Youth Group is important!  I know with life and busy schedules there may not be time to devote to every Youth Group event, but there are many reasons to make an effort to be involved as much as possible:

We are called as Christians to live a life of service.  Jesus told his disciples:

If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all. Mark 9:25

Youth Group is a great place to learn how to disciple others, be leaders, help in ministry, and mentor younger Christians.

Youth Group and Youth Activities build our relationships with God and each other, and lay a great foundation of support and enable us to mentor each other in times of need.

Youth Group is a great place to create accountability with the Youth Pastor as well as other youth.  When you have other teens in your life, dealing with the same problems and temptations, it helps to have a safe supportive place where you can have discussions and help each other stay accountable. 

Body of Christ
The universal church, comprising of all Christians regardless of denomination, is often called a body.  The reason being is because we may all have different gifts, but we are also all important to a church functioning properly.  Just as a person might not think their skin is all that important, without it, they are prone to infection and would have all their guts and blood exposed to the world.  The Youth in a church are not only an important part of the church body, but also important to each other as individuals. 

Ministry to Others
Youth Group helps you spread God’s word to your friends by bringing them to Youth Group, as well as modeling what it is to be a Christian.  Matthew 5:16 talks about our light shining to show others Christ, so be the light in the darkness that God asks you to be.  Youth group also provides opportunity for youth to do mission work, and a youth mission trip may also allow us to step out of our comfort zone while in another country, and not only be able to minister to others there, but also get a better understanding of how lucky we are here in America.

Instruction in God’s Word      
Father Mike is one of the best priests I’ve heard at making a sermon relevant to the listener, regardless of age, so you may think you don’t need Youth Group.  The good thing about Youth Group is that we delve into God’s Word together, interact, answer specific questions you guys have, and also make the Bible relevant to you as a teenager in today’s world.

For life AFTER High School
One of the final goals we hope to accomplish with Youth Group, is to prepare you teens for the real world, when you go off to college and start making your life what it will be.  You won’t have your parents making decisions for you, or holding you to your commitments.  So Youth Group is formative and proactive in that you are making sure you put some energy into your own spiritual growth as an individual, not only as a member of your family.  This time in your life is for finding out what your spiritual gifts and talents are, how you work best as a member of your church, and also how you are best fed spiritually.  75% of Youth church goers leave the church after high school, many never to return.  That is why it is so important for you to have your own faith and spiritual growth, not only as an individual, but also with other youth.

I hope I’ve convinced you how important Youth Group is… but if I haven’t, just know that St. Catherine of Sienna’s Youth Program is a place to have tons of fun, and Autumn and I love you guys and want to get to know you all, and help you with your spiritual growth!

~Brooke Seals

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